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The difference between poached eggs and fried eggs

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Poached eggs and Fried eggs are two different ways of cooking eggs. There are two types of poached eggs, one is fried and the other is boiled, but the whole egg is beaten down, while fried egg is a collective term, which refers to Fried poached egg also refers to the fried egg that has been beaten up.

The difference between poached eggs and fried eggs

Fried eggs generally refer to eggs that are beaten and dispersed before being put into a pan for frying. The shape of the egg yolk and egg white is not important. The poached egg is fried whole, just put it directly in the pan, and its characteristic is that the egg yolk remains round and does not fall apart.

Of course, there are two types of poached eggs, one is fried, directly into the pot. There is also a boiled poached egg. The boiled poached egg is just when it is about to boil with water (it can't be boiled), directly beat the egg into the water and cook it on a very small fire.

Note: Fried eggs are actually just a general term. Fried eggs are ready-to-use fried eggs. In fact, it can be a poached egg, or an omelette that messes up the egg flower. But for the sake of distinction, we will call them poached eggs, and the other ones are fried eggs, which refer to broken-fried eggs. They are called different names.

How to fry poached eggs look good

Ingredients: eggs, onion, salt

1. After peeling off the skin of the onion, cut out Onion rings about 1 cm wide.

2. Put oil in the pan. After the oil is hot, put the onion rings in the pan first, and then carefully beat the eggs into the onion rings.

3. Add a little salt to the egg and fry it until one side of the egg is condensed, then turn it over and fry the other side.

4. Fry until the color of both sides is golden yellow, and the egg liquid can be served on the plate after the egg is completely condensed.

Sweet and sour poached eggs

1. First prepare the ingredients: prepare 3 eggs, then put 3 servings Mix the cooking wine, 2 parts soy sauce, 4 parts vinegar, 5 parts water, and appropriate salt. Mix thoroughly and set aside.

2. Then put a small amount of oil in the pot. After the oil temperature rises, change the heat to low, and then beat the eggs into the pot.

3. Eggs don’t need to be fried for too long, just need to change color on both sides. The egg yolks inside don’t need to be fried, and then pick them up for use.

4. Then pour in the previously adjusted sauce and bring the sauce to a boil.

5. Put the fried eggs in again. At this time, they must be simmered. It takes about half a minute. After the soup is thick, it will be ready to cook.

6. This poached egg is a sweet and sour method. It is more direct fried or boiled poached egg, the taste is better, and it can also make people more appetite.

Vitamin Preservation Ranking

First place: Boiled eggs in shell. The heating temperature is low, and the nutrition is fully retained.

Second place: steamed eggs. The heating temperature is lower, and the loss of water-soluble vitamins such as riboflavin and lutein is less.

Third place: Poached eggs in poached water. The heating temperature is low, and there is a little loss of water-soluble vitamins.

Fourth place: Fried poached eggs. If the heating temperature is high, fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, K and water-soluble vitamins are all lost.

Fifth place: spread the eggs. If the heating temperature is high, all vitamins are lost.

The sixth place: scrambled eggs. The heating temperature is high, and the vitamin loss is more.

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