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Green Slim Encyclopedia: Often drinking pure milk will make the body grow taller? Is it deceiving?

2022-01-15 12:23 46 How to promote the body to grow taller

Original title: Green Slim Encyclopedia: Regularly drinking pure milk will make the body grow taller? Is it deceiving?

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I have the habit of drinking milk every day. There are so many types of milk. In fact, milk contains calcium. Will drinking pure milk really make me grow taller? What should be paid attention to when drinking milk?

Does drinking pure milk make you taller?

Milk is rich in The bone-building nutrient, calcium, is easily absorbed by growing children. Although drinking milk does not guarantee that you will grow taller, the lack of calcium in the body will definitely not grow taller. So there is no harm in drinking more milk. Drink 3 glasses of milk a day to get the calcium necessary for growth.

The height of a child is generally determined by two factors, one is hereditary height, that is, it is affected by the height of the parents, the parents are tall, and the child is generally tall, and this part of the factor accounts for 70%; the second is acquired factors, accounting for 30%. % Genetic height is congenital and cannot be changed, but 30% of the acquired factors depend on your own efforts. If you do it well, you can exceed the genetic height, so we often see children who are taller than their parents.

However, teenagers need to pay attention that in daily life, in addition to supplementing enough nutrition, we also need to do appropriate exercise. Exercise can promote digestion, make the body better absorb nutrients, and promote height.

Does drinking milk every night before bed make you grow taller?

Night is the time when the human body concentrates on getting taller, especially for teenagers, making good use of the nighttime is the key to getting taller.

Drinking a glass of milk before going to bed every night can promote sleep on the one hand, make you sleep more sweetly, sleep better, and be less prone to nightmares and awakenings, which is a prerequisite for growing taller . On the other hand, it can supplement the protein, vitamin d, calcium and various vitamins necessary to grow taller to accelerate your height growth, so that your bones will not produce muscle cramps caused by calcium deficiency while drawing bars.

Of course, not everyone who drinks milk every day will grow taller. Those who are not sure about themselves can go to the hospital to take a film to see if their bone scale lines are not closed. If they are completely calcified , closed, basically can't grow taller in this life.

If your skeletal line is not completely closed, there is still room to grow taller. You can further promote height growth through various sports, such as playing basketball, single parallel bars, etc.

How to drink milk to grow taller?

To get the most out of food, absorb theTrace elements, many foods pay attention to cooking methods, such as boiling, steaming and other methods can usually protect the nutritional value of food. In addition, the combination of foods is also very important, and it is precisely because of this that the concept of nutritious meals arises. For milk, how and milk are more conducive to absorbing nutrients and promoting height?

Milk is rich in calcium, a nutrient that makes bones, which is easily absorbed by children in the growing period. Drinking 3 glasses of milk every day can get the calcium necessary for the growing period.

The first of these three glasses of milk should be drunk during breakfast after exercise in the morning. Breakfast time is the time when the body desperately needs energy after expending its own energy in the evening.

The second cup of milk should be drunk at around 14:00. This time is the time after the child's nap is over, and it is also when the body is recovering from sleep, and the body absorbs nutrients quickly.

The third cup is to drink before going to bed. Drinking milk before going to bed can not only make people fall asleep as soon as possible, but also ensure the intake of protein and calcium for the day.

In addition, milk is best eaten with eggs or other high-protein foods. One or two days of milk is enough.

Milk is called "white blood", "liquid gold" in food. One can imagine the nutritional value of milk. However, most people know that milk has high nutritional value in recent years, and they do not know what trace elements that milk contains that are beneficial to the human body. Only by knowing the nutritional value of milk can we make the best use of it. Realize the golden value of milk.

Drinking more milk can certainly help us replenish calcium, but it is not the only way to grow taller, everyone must remember it!

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