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Popular Science | How to delay the closure of the epiphyseal line and promote growth?

2022-01-15 09:01 39 How to promote the body to grow taller

How can we use acquired conditions to help grow taller?

What we want to popularize here is skeletal knowledge. Growth hormone and Epiphyseal line are inseparable. Bones are an important part of the body's height, and the height of the body is the result of the continuous growth and differentiation of bones.

Under the normal state of self-heating,

The age of the human body is about 18-20 years old. This is because the epiphyseal line of the human body is basically closed, and the bones are gradually calcified. Gradually Gradually stop growing taller.

Especially after the age of 20, many people will be more aware of the importance of height. However, the best age has passed. . .

And those children who are in the best stage of growing taller will be more or less tall because of various reasons I can't develop better, and I even thought that I would not grow taller. At this time, parents must pay close attention to the growth and development of their children, consult relevant experts in time, and avoid missing the best period of growth.

There are also some people who are late growth, that is, when the epiphyseal line is closed later, which means that the time of their bones calcification will be relatively late, and the chance of growing taller is greater. As long as this time is well grasped, when the epiphyseal line is not completely closed, it can be 5~7 cm longer.

This happens , the epiphyseal line begins to close

You begin to lose weight:

Your height has not changed for more than a year, which may indicate that your epiphyseal line It has begun to close, and ordinary natural growth can no longer keep your bones growing.

The body becomes firm:

The muscles of the whole body, especially the muscles of the calf, stomach, arms, etc. When it is relatively fast, I eat normally as usual, but I find that my weight is rising rapidly, which also means that the epiphysis is changing.

How to delay epiphyseal closure

Delaying the closure of the epiphyseal line can be delayed by doing exercise and diet. Therefore, in life, doing more bouncing and stretching exercises can improve the elasticity of muscle ligaments and promote bone growth.Bone growth, such as playing basketball as usual, touching heights, stretching exercises, etc., but remember not to exercise too much.

At the same time, it is necessary to master the method; in terms of diet, let children eat more foods rich in protein, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus and other substances, such as milk, black soybean products, fish and shrimp, lean meat , vegetables, fruits, etc.

Sleep is also very important. The pituitary gland can produce more growth hormone during sleep, which is more conducive to the development of height. Especially children in the golden age of growth must reach the sleep time, otherwise it is easy to grow taller!

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