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What is the experience of a mother of 2 children? 3 things must be adhered to, children grow taller

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Original title: What is the experience of a mother of 2 children? 3 things must be adhered to, the child will grow taller quicklY

As the most important core of the family - the child, it represents the harmony of a family. Only when the child is healthy can parents worry less and worry less. When you are sick, the whole family is in chaos.

Sister Wang is a mother of two children. When the eldest was born, he had no experience, so he did not take care of him so thoughtfully, but the second child was especially attentive when he had experience. Basically every day, he would let the baby eat on time, Sleep on time, develop correct living habits, and become physically strong and sick. It is also less and less worrying for the family. Everyone has the experience of being a mother for the first time, and they all need to find the experience in the usual slow exploration. Only by finding the right method can the child grow up healthily and grow a new one in the future. Big and tall.

Babies aged 1 to 3 are a critical period for growth and development. They must eat a regular and well-balanced diet. Feeding complementary foods, sleeping more, and developing correct behavioral habits for children are beneficial to growing up. Shuangshuang mothers usually take care of them and summarize some experiences to tell everyone, which can really help many inexperienced mothers.

What kind of experience is the mother of 2 children? 3 things must be adhered to, the child will grow taller!

1. Adhere to "rejuvenating the body"

Some children have not learned to walk yet. Parents can take them out in warm and sunny weather to get some fresh air and see more sunshine. , It is beneficial to the synthesis of calcium and vitamin D in the body. If it is an older baby, you must let them go out to exercise more and exercise more, such as playing football, basketball, skipping rope, etc., which are all activities that are conducive to bone growth, and more exercise can help stretch. Muscles and bones, stretched bones, are very conducive to the growth of bones, if you persist for a while, you will find that your child will grow taller, have a better body, and get less sick.

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Second, insist on "decompressing the stomach"

Diet is very important, usually The most important way to get nutrition is food supplements. Now that life is getting better, eating is no longer the pursuit of fullness, but good, but good does not mean too much. Some parents think that letting their children eat more can help them grow taller, even if they are usually full. In fact, this method is wrong. If the child is fed too much in the developmental stage, it is easy to digest poorly, which affects the absorption of nutrients from other ingested foods and takes a long time. It will hinder development. Usually it is best to eat 7 points full, with balanced nutrition, meat, eggs, milk, grains, and whole grains, and meat should be eaten less, especially fatty meat. The fat and calories of meat are very high.

3. Adhere to "give a timetable for sleep"

Adequate sleep is very important. After eating, the rest of the time is basically spent in sleep. With the increase of age, although I usually sleep less during the day, I must not stay up late at night. I must fall asleep before 10:00, because 11:00~1:00 at night 00 Growth hormone secretes the most, and once you stay up late, it will disrupt the secretion of hormones and affect your growth.

Nowadays, many children stay up late, perhaps to play games or to study, but no matter what, staying up late will affect the secretion of growth hormone in the child's body, which is an obstacle to the child's height development. Parents. Friends, you should arrange your child's sleep time and sleep quality!

The secret of growing taller:

The child’s regular diet, sleep, and exercise are very beneficial grow taller in the future. In addition, you should always put some sweet mushrooms at home, soak more water for your children to drink, you can supplement calcium and zinc elements, and keep your children’s height and brain development in a leading position. Parents who don’t understand can go to popular science by themselves. , is beneficial to the child's physical development!

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