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What foods can promote the body to grow taller

2022-01-15 05:05 47 How to promote the body to grow taller

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1. Black soybeans: Soybeans are recognized as high-protein foods, of which the highest protein content is black soybeans, and black soybeans are low in calories, so eating more is not afraid of gaining weight. It can be cooked with rice or ground into black soybean milk. If your child resents black soybeans, they can eat peanuts.

2. Eggs: Generally, children will not resist eggs, especially protein-rich egg whites (whites). Eggs are high-protein foods, and they are the perfect food for growing kids. Although egg yolks are high in cholesterol, as long as you control the number of eggs you eat each day, you shouldn't have much of a problem. Eat 1-2 eggs a day.

3. Milk: If you want your child to grow taller, milk is an indispensable food. Because milk contains calcium, which is beneficial for bone growth. Drink 3 glasses of milk a day to get the calcium necessary for growth. But there are also some children who don't like the milky smell in milk. If the children in the family don't like drinking milk, let him eat cheese with yogurt.

4. spinach: Spinach is rich in iron and calcium. Children who are growing and developing need iron and calcium supplements, so they can eat more spinach. However, many children are very resistant to spinach, and children often do not like spinach made directly according to the taste of adults. So you can chop the spinach and mix it into the rice ball.

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Don’t be picky eaters: There are two peak periods in the process of human growth: one is Infants and young children, the other is adolescence, this period is the basis for promoting long-term nutrition. Children should eat more foods rich in various nutrients, such as soy products, eggs, fish and shrimp, milk, lean meat and other animal foods, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins C and A and inorganic salts such as calcium , especially calcium, add the right amount of calcium and cod liver oil to toddlers and school-aged children, which is very beneficial for growing taller.

Get enough sleep: Bodybuilding experts often say that "children sleep well and grow taller." Scientists have found that the peak of growth hormone secretion occurs when the child sleeps - after ten o'clock in the evening, and lasts for a long time. I hope the child grows taller and must go to bed before ten o'clock at night. Adequate sleep is an important way to promote baby growth.

Multiple choices are conducive to long-term sports: children's activities should choose activities that are light, lively, free to stretch and open, such as swimming, dancing, badminton, table tennis, horizontal bar, etc. And those exercises that carry weight, contract or compress, such as weightlifting, dumbbells, tension machines, wrestling, long-distance running, etc., are not good for height growth.

Reference: People's Daily Online - What are the characteristics of children growing taller and eat four kinds of foods to help increase height

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