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How to make babies grow taller faster? Parents do 4 points of nursing details, and the baby grows up fast

2022-01-15 03:15 46 How to promote the body to grow taller

The fastest growth in the first Year of life; the average height at birth is about 50 cm; the average growth rate of 1 to 6 months is 2.5 cm; the average monthly growth of 7 to 12 months is 1.5 cm; The growth rate is 25 cm; the growth rate slows down from the second year after birth, and the annual growth rate is only 10-12 cm. 2~7 years old body length = age X5 75 (cm). After reading the above data, parents can check whether your baby's height growth is within this standard.

So, how to make babies grow taller faster?

How can parents help babies grow taller faster? Parenting experts suggest that parents do the following four points of care, and the baby will grow up quickly.

(1) Ensure the baby's nutritional balance

Whether the nutrition is sufficient and balanced will have a certain impact on the baby's height. , Iron and B vitamins (rich in animal foods) can easily lead to short children, while lack of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D hinders bone growth.

Milk is rich in protein and calcium. For babies aged 0-2, you can insist on breastfeeding. If mothers do not have the conditions to breastfeed, they should insist on giving their babies formula milk powder. After the baby is supplemented with food, he can take in rich vegetables and fruits (carrots and citrus, etc.), and fish (such as sardines) are a treasure trove of protein, which can promote muscle growth, and can also be eaten more for the baby.

(2) Moderate exercise

Infancy, human bones, ligaments, muscles, joints The growth and development of other aspects is particularly important, and this is also a period when it is more easily affected by exercise, so babies should be allowed to exercise properly to keep their body and mind healthy.

Mom and dad can let the baby push his legs more and move the meridian, and at the same time often encourage the child to do crawling, rolling and other big movements, so as to cultivate the flexibility of the baby's body. In addition, mothers can often help the baby do baby exercises or take the baby to do proper swimming.

In addition, it is also very important to ensure the baby's outdoor activities. If the sun is warm and warm, the mother may wish to take the baby out. While bathing in the sun, it can help the production of vitamin D in the body and help the body maximize Calcium is absorbed chemically.

(3) Ensure that the baby gets enough sleep

The old saying: "The child who can sleep will grow longer ".

A baby's growth and development are closely related to the amount of growth hormone secreted in the body. The human body grows very wonderfully, and the body secretes a considerable amount of growth hormone during sleep. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the baby's sleep, especially at night, to ensure the quality and quantity.

Parents need to be aware that when a baby's sleep time is inadequate or irregularLaw, will interfere with his physical growth, is not conducive to the development of height and weight.

(4) Ensure the child's mental health

A good living environment and family atmosphere can provide Children have good mood and appetite, and their physical functions can also function better, which helps the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone. Babies grow in a caring environment that not only helps babies grow in height, but also contributes to the healthy development of babies’ minds.

Tips for little bookworm mothers:

Babies are the hearts and minds of parents, I believe in parents If you take care of the above points, your baby will grow up fast.

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