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Promote the growth of body bones!

2022-01-15 03:01 41 How to promote the body to grow taller

The growth process of human body has age and regularity.

Infancy (from birth to 1 year old) is 23 cm to 25 cm per year;

Infant (after 1 year old) ~3 years old) is 8 cm to 10 cm per year;

At the beginning of puberty, most children's heights have a growth peak. Reach 15 cm to 18 cm per year.

Grasp the periodic law of growth and development, but how can we scientifically witness the miracle of height growth? Experts remind that the growth of bones affects the occurrence of increased height. The main condition for heightening is to achieve bone growth. Our bones will not grow after a certain period of time. Therefore, the key to heightening is to promote the growth of our body's bones.

Even with normal skeletal development In 100 people, there is not a single person whose hip joint and spine are completely normal. It can be said that more than 99% of people have some abnormality in their spine, limbs and hip joints. If certain methods can be taken to correct the bones, the curved spine can be straightened, the pelvis can be straightened, and the unequal lengths of the legs can be corrected and elongated, so that even adults who have passed the growth period can increase their height by more than 3.5 cm.

The height of the child is determined by the growth and development of the child's bones. According to experts, at both ends of the long bones, there is an Epiphyseal cartilage that specializes in bone growth. In adolescence, due to the continuous proliferation of epiphyseal cartilage, the bones will continue to grow; after adulthood, the proliferation will stop, and the stature will no longer grow. Therefore, in order for the child to grow taller, we must take appropriate growth-promoting methods to stimulate the hyperplasia of the epiphyseal cartilage before the epiphyseal cartilage has stopped proliferating.

The human skeleton can be shaped artificially. The length and shape of the bones can be changed by the stimulation of the exercise method. Parents should guide their children to exercise more and exercise a strong body; in the daily diet, pay attention to nutritional balance, lacto-vegetarian combination, and enhance the baby's resistance! Encourage children to actively participate in group activities, improve their character, and take the initiative to communicate with peers and strangers. In the process of communication, gradually help the child to get rid of shyness and fear, so that the baby becomes cheerful and optimistic, because a comfortable mood is always helpful for bone growth.

1. More exercise helps to increase height and make bones get good exercise.

Including jumping fitnessAmerican gymnastics, aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, freehand gymnastics, stick gymnastics, pull-ups, suspensions, swings, loops on single and double poles, chest expansion, leaning back, kicking, swinging, pressing legs and other body-stretching exercises , Swimming in summer is also a good project for limb stretching activities. Lower body movement. Including rope skipping, high jumping, pole vaulting, long jump, vertical jumping, one-legged jumping, bipedal jumping, stair climbing, mountain climbing, hiking, walking, skating, roller skating, skiing, etc. When kicking the shuttlecock, the legs, feet, waist, hips, knees, ankles and other parts can be fully activated, which can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, promote metabolism, increase lung capacity, improve visceral function, and also exercise the flexibility and flexibility of joints. The bones and the body are well exercised.

2. Daily diet is very important for bone development and human height. help.

To achieve the full potential of growth, you should eat more vegetables and high-protein foods and high-quality protein foods and foods rich in calcium. Such as: 3 cups of milk a day, if you don't like milk, drink yogurt and eat cheese; eat one or two eggs a day, if you don't like eggs, you can eat more tofu; carrots can be juiced with apples.

3. The mood is happy and comfortable, and the skeletal physiology is also functioning normally .

In addition, a happy mood can also help the secretion of growth hormone, speed up the growth rate, and help the body to achieve the ideal height. Keep an optimistic mood, treat life with an optimistic attitude, and you can easily live every day. When you are in a good mood and your physiology functions normally, bone growth will naturally reach its optimum level.

We can't believe the "heightening of broken bones" and "heightening with one needle" without analyzing any reasons and methods of increasing height for any age group. It is recommended that the short people first identify the cause and then seek professional treatment institutions. After early treatment, more than 90% of the people who meet the conditions for height increase have different degrees of increase, and the satisfaction rate is as high as 98%.

Bone growth affects the occurrence of elevated. Many friends in life are inactive, so the best way to increase your height is to do a moderate amount of exercise. This will also effectively promote the occurrence of growth. In addition, healthy and nutritious food in life is also a good way to promote height.

The key to height growth - to promote the growth of body bones!

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