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How to take care of thin hair?

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One ​​day I accidentally saw someone watching a drama by the goddess Guo Biting. I glanced at it and was shocked. Why did I feel that she lost a lot of value in a daze?

With such sunken cheeks, are you not eating enough? Then I thought about the fact that too much pressure in the entertainment industry made her lose a lot. The undressed photos of the airport that was revealed some time ago also looked haggard and old.

So someone sighed: It seems that the face value of the goddess has indeed begun to decline

< p data-pid="iW9lwMa9">But recent activity pictures on her Weibo

I feel that she is beautiful again

Do you think she was rebuilt? no. She just

choose the right hairstyle again. You know, in the past, she was beautiful in the sky, and the hairstyle that surprised everyone in one fell swoop was "straight hair centered".

Because Guo Biting’s head shape is not very good, her head is obviously sunken in the temporal bone area, so her p-map master pays attention to this point. The pictures on the blog will cover this defect well. Also, her face is not perfect, her masseter muscles are well developed, and her jawbone is obvious.

"Where is the temporal bone?"

"I will show you a picture."

(The circled yellow area in the picture is the temporal bone, The pink area is the mandible)

Unfortunately, the temporal bone problem will be exposed as soon as you take a photo with someone

(Picture of Guo Biting and Gao Xiaosong’s ex-wife)

The left of the picture is the original picture. Pay attention to the circled part of the left picture above. Is it obvious that the temporal bones above her ears are indented? In the picture on the right, I casually gave her hair a p. Doesn’t it feel much better?

So if she has a ponytail,

she must gently pull out the hair above her ears to "fluffy" it. Beauty. Or

directly cover the mandible with hair.

Biting Guo is a typical head that can’t cover her face.

People with this type of face need the “puffy” hair treatment technique for styling.

"What is the head covering the face?"

"The face is bigger than the head ”

(The left is "You can wrap your face", and the right is "You can't wrap your face")

< p data-pid="lAi1Rbuc">The black line in the above figure is the boundary line of the face, and the red line is the outline of the head behind the hair. The so-called "

head wraps around the face "From the "front", there is a clear distance between the two lines, that is, the red line is much larger than the black line; and "

The head can’t cover the face" means that the distance between the two lines is extremely narrow, even for some people. The black line on the side will be larger than the red line, that is, the face is bigger than the head.

The same example is Depp’s daughter Lily Rose Depp

(As Lily Rose· Depp)

She also can’t cover her face and her hair is sparse, so she often does curly hair with more hair. To make up for this defect, it appears "

fluffy" to become a fairy in seconds.

And those stars who are relatively able to cover their faces, like Long Ma, also need "

shaggy hair

b>". Her problem is that the distance between the sides is a bit narrow compared to the distance above the head.

So in the "Game of Thrones" in the styling or tie hair will pay attention to this point, let the hair on both sides of the head "

Peng "stand up.

("Game of Thrones" stills)

Our sister-in-law also has this narrow head problem

So the big partial score is her standard, the upward arc can "

puff" the hair, which can effectively cover up the flaws of the narrow head and improve the appearance.

Actually, I said so many examples to illustrate that even fairies need to take care of their hair to make it "

bon". And those girls who

"sparse hair", "soft roots", "tip heads", "big cheeks", you

undoubtedly need more "fluffy hair".

So, I believe you will be very grateful to me for this "

Dafa for Fluffy Hair" Daquan, because it is for you!

(This cheat is effective for people who need unkempt hair such as

low hair volume,

soft hair,

imperfect head shape)


first ask Question, let’s simulate a situation:

One ​​day your male god asks you, and you have a chance to meet him!

But if you go out, you will find that your hair has been "slumped". What do you do?

Woolen cloth?

"So what should I do?"

"Or run away..."

First of all, you must calm down before meeting people. There must be two situations when a male god wants you: one, an appointment in advance; two, a temporary appointment. But as my treasure, of course I have to be able to deal with both situations easily. That’s right, today I’m here to help


The male gods make an appointment in advance

First insert a digression, if your male god can make an appointment in advance, this behavior alone is a gentleman, I must give him a compliment. Because at least it gives you plenty of time to prepare beautifully.

Then we have to start preparations from "the beginning"

(OS: Shake with me, shake your hair first)


The first step: washing hair

Well enough time, of course you have to wash your hair

First of all,

The right shampoo product must be selected. Remember, the effect you want to wash out is that the hair is fluffy, and you want to wash out the roots. So I

recommend "silicon-free shampoo".

"Why is the silicone-free shampoo so awesome?"

"The silicone oil with less silicone-free shampoo is non-toxic. , Is not for our human bodyHurtful. However, it is impermeable and inert, and it is easy to cause residual silicone oil and improper care. The long-term change in the amount will cause the pores to be blocked, which will cause a series of problems such as the scalp's easy to get oil. The non-silicon shampoo uses plant extracts instead of chemical elements to avoid residual silicone oil covering the scalp, and the washed hair is naturally more refreshing. ”

I like this silicone-free shampoo that I have used myself, and I have recommended it before, called TAMANOHADA


TAMANOHADA is a relatively niche brand, yes, it is the legendary wash that can be used for three days without washing your hair The hair lotion is simply a savior for the oily girl. I like the foam it makes the most. Qiao is soft and delicate, and the taste is still very soft. My hair will not collapse after washing.


If your hair is frizzy, like to use conditioner.

Never touch the scalp when applying!

Because the conditioner attached to the scalp is not easy to wash off

After washing, the hair will still be greasy and The scalp will be itchy

So just gently rub it on the end of the hair.


Step 2: Use a towel to soak up the moisture

Prepare a dry clean towel in advance

Lightly pat your hair with a towel to dry your hair. Don't rub it hard! Remember that your hair volume is already low, and if you rub it down like this, your hair will fall out.

If you want to twist, twist gently and gently

For long hair, it’s better to press the water first like this Wipe again and again

"To what extent is it dry?"

"Well, it’s almost the hair won’t go Just drop water."


The third step: blowing head

Remember that your hair is thin and cannot be dried naturally.

On the one hand, the wet hair of the scalp is not good for your health. On the other hand, your hair is easily crushed by moisture due to gravity. So naturally dried hair will still deflate. We want to work hard at every step to make the hair more fluffy.

"How do I blow when I blow?"


use a strong wind to quickly dry 30-40% of the scalp.And apply some "Moroccan essential oil" before blowing your hair to prevent damage to your hair.

Then you can

turn your hair upside down and blow the roots of your neck, which will make your hair more bulky.

(correct Demonstration)


Try not to blow the broken hair on the top of the head like this, the consequences are very serious, especially the broken hair Boss. After the hair dries, it will blow up.

(error demonstration)


Then we continue to blow, this time you have to

keep fingering your hair.

Especially on both sides, you must match your fingers well. The hair is really soft and can be lifted. Get up and blow.

At this time, you are already shaping your shape, so don’t blow it blindly.

If you have an imperfect head shape, like Guo Biting, you have to shape it more, blow it up for a while, and fiddle with it. And

The back of the head is collapsed, so you must pay attention to blowing it up.


If you want one-time curly hair

you can tie a braid when it’s half wet

If you want a larger volume, you will have more per share.

If you want a smaller volume, the per share will be less

then dry it with a hair dryer

the hair is curled out

Several key points of hair dryer

1. Wind direction:

The wind of the hair dryer blows outwards, so you have to control yourself to blow your head The gesture of the machine,

If you want to be fluffy, just blow up along the roots of your hair, blowing layer by layer will make it easy to fluffy.

If you want your hair to be smooth, just gently press the hair and blow it against the roots. Especially for some hairs that stand up, be sure to hold the bunch to smooth it out.

2. Wind force:

< p data-pid="4f0DQQMa">Because the settings of each hair dryer are different, I will divide them into three levels: large, medium and small.

"When I started blowing my hair", was it facing the top of the head, or the two reasons: one is for good health The second is to make it more fluffy, so I have to

hurryDry quickly, medium and large gears are recommended.

The next "shaping phase", then

recommend large files.


"Because the harder the gale, the more turbulent my heart."

I’m just kidding, because

the stronger the wind, the more messy the hair is. For people with sparse hair volume, it means the more fluffy it is.

Finally, some fixed-type places, if the technology is good, you can continue to increase the gear, after all, the time is fast, but if the technology is not good It's better to change gears and take your time little by little.

3. Hot and cold:

In the past, I always had a hot wind regardless of winter or summer. Then one day I decided to be an exquisite pig girl.

Now I

dry and shape my hair with hot air, and then use cold air to shape my hair like powder.


If you are easily scalded by a hair dryer

You can spray "

Anti-scalding spray" before blowing.

Remember that the hair dryer should not be too close to the scalp

It is best to be "

10-15" cm


Step 4: Finalize the shape

Always remember:

Send The root is the root of fluffy.

You can use "hair fixative" to fix, you can also use "hair wax", the point is that you want

Disturb your hair and cover it evenly. The wax must be applied to the roots of the hair with your fingers "like grabbing your hair".


I can’t fix the wax It's easy to become lumpy and look greasy again. Today, you are going to see a male god. A straight guy can’t tell if you have oil or hair oil, so I don’t recommend it.

"Is there no way?"

"Yes, you can use the tail of the hair dryer."

The tail of the hair dryer can suck up the hair. I learned this from the director of the barber shop Tony.

When you loosen your hair, quickly switch to the back of the hair dryer to prevent it from falling down so quickly. But there are some hair dryers that make the girl's hair twist in, which is very painful. Don't try if you are not skilled.

There is another tool called "

Windshield", which I learned from Director Tony . Specialized care"Perm and curly" hair is easy to install, just put a set on your hair dryer.

As shown below, you can blow out fluffy curly hair~

Alright, I cleaned you up Hair, do you think you are super beautiful at this moment!


Step 5: Modeling

"Isn’t it better to make a look after washing it?"

"That’s for sure."

Then I would like to recommend your two super displays "

More hair volume" and "

Fluffy" hairstyle

1. Large partial score

As I said at the beginning, Tianwang’s wife loves the shape of concave and large partiality, because the large partiality is really obvious!

The hair volume of the fairy radish (Frida Gustafsson) is really sparse

Therefore, it often shows people with a large bias to decorate the top of the head The poor hair volume

< p data-pid="GSU69ZX4">Little KK (Carly Klaus) has a small hair volume, but the temporal bone is sunken just like Long Ma.

Therefore, regardless of long hair or short hair, Little KK loves big partiality, after all, it can increase her beauty by another 10 degrees

2. Ear of corn

The second hairstyle is ear of corn! Don't think it is ugly for granted, Crouch's wife Abby in the Premier League group once shot a group of retro corn ear blockbusters.

The fluffy corn ear hairstyle over the shoulders not only does not have a messy feeling, but also has a kind of character tension with the shiny dress. Of course

You can’t make it so exaggerated in reality,

The reason why I mention this hairstyle is because I do This hairstyle prop "

Corn Clip", I want to recommend it, it can be said to be the savior of the "flat-headed star"!

"Corn tongs" are particularly useful,If your hair can't be blown no matter how you blow it, you don't need to clip the "outer" hair, just put a thin layer on the roots of the "inner" hair.

As shown below:

You can easily make your hair full. Of course, you can also

according to the specific situation and needs, add a few more layers of hair to enhance the degree of fluffy.

OK , "

Make an appointment in advance", I have carefully finished each step, I don’t know if my treasure has the know-how. After finishing the hairstyle and putting on makeup, you can go to see the male god beautifully

Temporary appointment with male god

"I really hate making appointments temporarily"

"Me too"

Indeed, many times the day fails, and more of you are beautiful fantasies. After all, the male god will ask you in advance, indicating that the male god also has a good impression of you. More often, male gods don’t know what it means to notify in advance. They love to come to WeChat temporarily:

You are about to send "Good Good Good" at the same time , Touch the head:

"I'm going, this head can go to squeeze oil!"

You feel unwilling when you can’t think about it

"This is a male god, it's rare to ask me once"

At this time, the male god sent another sentence:.

You must be very flustered and at a loss

Ending 1:

You rejected the male god or went to meet him with a large collapsed oil field, you and the male god will be from now on


Ending 2:

Kaka little angel appears in front of you


. Learn from me "

How to quickly remove oily head"! Don't be afraid of the emergency! All kinds of "

props" go! You and the male god are


If you can have 20 minutes... .

1. Dry hair spray

I highly recommend this dry spray of batiste, which is cheap and easy to use. Taobao has more than 30, and there are various fragrances to choose from.

I don’t know who invented this artifact. It’s really friendly to girls. You just spray twice on the scalp and the effect is immediate.

Don’t forget to spray the back hair.


When spraying, you should cooperate with the method. While spraying, use your fingers to squeeze the hair that is stuck together.

If you don’t have a "dry hair spray", you can also use "

loose powder" instead, but

be sure to shake it off after taking the shot, otherwise it will get a piece on your head It's so obvious. It is recommended that our treasures place an order immediately after reading it, trust me, you will always use it.

2. Hairdresser

What if your hair is not so greasy, but it happens to be a deflated treasure, and your hair can’t blow?

You can

spray dry hair spray first, and then use a small prop called "hairdresser" in the picture below. A hairstyle that is "fluffy" when tied up.

Why tie it up? It's because I have proved in practice:

If your hair is greasy, it will be more refreshing to tie it up than to put it on. If your hair volume is decent, you can use the one on the left. If the hair is sparse, use the one on the right.

The specific method is as shown below

You can also

pull some hair with your hands Come out. This tying method can effectively hide the greasy feeling of the hair, and the treasure can also be a fairy.

If you still have 10 minutes.....

1. The comb is inverted Method

You can take a small comb, stand up your hair, and comb your hair gently and quickly . Just like this, you can immediately make your hair fluffy.

Or if you have an extra toothbrush, you can comb it upside down with a toothbrush

In areas that need to be polished carefully, you can comb the hair roots up like this to make the hair roots more distinct.

2 Use your fingers

If your hair is not too greasy, you can

insert your fingers into the scalp and grab it quickly, shaking it outwards a few times.

In this way, your hair will feel messy immediately, but remember not to scratch it. If you have a comb, I still recommend a comb, because I found that

the hair that is touched by your hands will become more and more oily


3. Wear a wig

< p data-pid="TG8O0NuB">There is also a very low feasible solution. Wear a wig hahahaha.

Of course, the premise is that if you have a wig, it must be the kind of "absolutely not fake" wig, you can choose this plan .

You can put on a wig similar to Dou Sen

Just kidding, of course our girls wear Gigi This kind of fake wig.

(The picture on the left is wearing Wig, the right is the real hair)

But if you wear this kind of wig

I sincerely advise Bao Bao to not go to the appointment.

If you only have 5 minutes.....

"You should have nothing to do with this card."

"How is it possible

I still have a way!

Yes, it means "

wear a hat"!

As long as you put on your hat and sunglasses, you can keep your eyes out.

You are still the most elegant and exquisite pig girl

But if you choose this option, you have to remember Live, when playing mahjong in winter

No matter how hot you can’t take your hat off! If anyone dares to take your hat off, you must defend it like a queen at all times!

Final words

Today’s fluffy Dafa, I’m going to introduce it here. In general,

If you have enough time, you must wash your hair, Make a beautiful styling;

If the time is not enough, the key point is to treat the hair roots refreshingly, because there is definitely the most greasy.

Dry spray and loose powder are really emergency rescue tools! I'm talking about my own experience of blood and tears, passing on females but not males.

I hope you can have a beautiful date with your male god

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