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How can girls make their hair grow faster?

2021-11-18 23:05 168 How to speed up hair growth

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The fastest and most effective way to grow your hair is to use hair growth products. Shiseido has a very popular hair growth product. Many people use it and it has an effect. It is recommended that you buy it and use it. At the same time, Grow Gorgeous's hair growth essential oil is also very popular. I have used this hair growth essential oil for a while, and I bought it. It is an enhanced version, and the effect can be seen after about a week. The hair on the hairline grows very fast, and a thin layer of bangs grows soon. It can be said to be the most effective one I have ever used. Essential oils for hair growth.

All shampoos have an effect on the growth rate of hair. I have a female friend who was anxious to grow her hair. She used BIOTIN brand shampoo, which was really effective, about a month. At about 15 centimeters long, I was really shocked to see her hair growth rate. So if Zhong's wants to make her hair grow quickly, you can try this shampoo.

The simplest, but also very effective, massage the scalp. After washing your hair, apply hair growth essential oil to massage your scalp, and then comb your hair from top to bottom with a comb until it is almost dry. This kind of massage can speed up hair growth, which is really effective.

Wash your hair with vinegar once a week, and wash your hair with beer once every week. The method is to wash your hair and use the conditioner, dilute the beer or vinegar with water, and then rinse your hair. Don’t forget Massage the scalp, this must be adhered to, it is also a very useful technique. When blowing the hair, use a hair dryer to blow it backwards, and only blow on the scalp. It is best to let it dry naturally. This can make the hair fluffy. When the hair is in the fluffy powder state, although it does not grow longer, it will look longer visually. Of course, if you insist on doing this for a long time, it will definitely make the hair longer.

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