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Shaving your head will really make your hair grow faster and thicker?

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In the summer, the communitY walked around with children. Looking around, they were all young monks. Regarding the hairstyle of the bald head, except for the baby's dissatisfaction, the whole family was satisfied. Because the bald head looks very cool! Moreover, there is a deep-rooted idea! That is, the hair of a shaved head baby can grow fast, black, thick and dense. Is this really the case?

Shaving your head can make your hair grow fast, black, thick and dense?

Shaving your head has nothing to do with your hair growing fast, black and thick! After you shave your head, once the hair grows out, it is easy to be found, so there will be an illusion of a faster growth rate, but it doesn’t actually work. For any improvement effect, and our hair and other hairs are grown from the hair follicles, the number and size of the hair follicles determines the number and thickness of the hair. With the increase of the baby’s age, the size of the hair follicles is constantly changing. This is why the hair of our adults is generally thicker than that of the baby. As for the amount of hair, it depends more on genetics! Moms can look at themselves or their fathers, maybe Some things will be understood in my heart. And without the protection of the hair, the baby’s fragile scalp and hair follicles are more susceptible to external stimulation, causing wounds and injuries to the head, affecting the normal growth of hair follicle tissue, and in serious cases, it will be permanently "bald". One piece!

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Is bald head really cool?

Actually not. Babies generally have higher basal metabolism than adults. Their heat dissipation is 1.5 times that of adults. In fact, babies feel hotter. In addition, without the protective umbrella of hair, the scalp absorbs more heat. Many, and the baby's thin scalp is prone to bacterial damage, and it is also prone to solar dermatitis. Therefore, it is recommended to go out and put on a sun hat for the baby, so that it is both cool and cool.

A bald head is easier to attract mosquitoes

The baby’s perspiration is mainly concentrated on the scalp due to the imperfect neurodevelopment and the incomplete opening of the sweat pores.

Scalp and sweat can be a feast for mosquitoes. Coupled with the loss of the protective umbrella of hair, it can make mosquitoes more unscrupulously attack and make babies suffer.

Shaving the hair easily hurts the hair follicles

Seeing this, a useless bald head shape can be said to be harmful and useless. In the process of shaving, because the baby will be afraid and move around, accidentally it may damage the baby’s hair follicles. Permanently affect the growth of baby's hair!

Parents, please remember: Baby hair can only be completely replaced when the baby is 2-3 years old. Thinning hair before the age of 3 does not necessarily mean that hair will be thin when growing up. Therefore, the child’s hair can be cut short, which not only protects the baby’s scalp and hair follicles from external intrusion, but also beautifies the baby to a certain extent.Bao’s image, why not do it?

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