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What to do to speed up hair growth

2021-11-18 16:26 149 How to speed up hair growth

To speed up hair growth, you can do it yourself. As long as you stick to it every day, the goal of hair growth will surely be achieved. 1. Hair care. Including morning and evening combing, massage, and shampoo. (1) You can comb your hair, but do you know? To speed up hair growth, you must comb your hair more, and comb your hair a hundred times a day in the morning and evening, which can stimulate the scalp and improve the ventilation between the hair. The scalp is prone to sweating and soiling. Diligent combing helps prevent baldness and dandruff. You try to pay more attention to your hair to keep your hair smooth. (2) Head massage, do head massage to promote blood circulation. Massage can make hair soft, promote hair growth, and speed up hair growth. The method of massage is to rub your fingers or tighten your hair. Before massage, apply oil on the scalp to improve the effect. You can also use a brush made of a bristled brush, and tap the scalp at a right angle every day. (3) Shampoo, if you want to speed up hair growth, you must keep the hair roots clean. Use a weakly acidic shampoo (do not use too much) to wash it off. After dampening the silk, add a little water to shrink the hair roots. Usually, you need to apply hair cream or nourishing oil on the scalp for massage and stimulation.

Second, optimism. Mental factors affect the growth rate. An optimistic and relaxed spirit can speed up the growth rate, while depression slows down the growth rate. 3. Food arrangement. Nutritional ingredients should be considered in dietary arrangements to facilitate the acceleration of hair growth. Therefore, drink more raw water or eat more vegetables and fruits. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for hair growth. Eat more foods rich in iron, lean meat, egg whites, spinach, cabbage, celery, and foods for hair loss. The above foods help soften the scalp and stimulate hair growth. At the same time, consider quitting smoking and drinking, because the stimulation of tobacco and alcohol reduces the normal rate of hair growth.

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