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How can hair grow quickly after being cut short

2021-11-18 14:31 151 How to speed up hair growth

It can speed up hair growth by massaging the scalp, removing Dandruff, and keeping the hair loose. Diet and Sleep have an effect on hair growth. It also has an effect, a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and healthy and rapid hair growth.

Changing a hair style can sometimes feel refreshing, but due to the limitations of the hair stylist’s skills, sometimes the new hair style is not satisfied. I can only hope that the hair will grow faster and renew Do styling. If you want to grow your hair quickly, you can take the following methods:

1. Massage the scalp. Massage the scalp with fingers to keep the scalp healthy, promote scalp blood circulation and hair follicle growth, and massage can relax the body and mind and help relieve stress.

2. Clean up dandruff. Dandruff is the keratinocytes that fall off the scalp. If the dandruff does not fall off normally, but is blocked in the hair follicles, it will affect the health of the scalp and the normal growth of hair.

3. Keep your hair loose. Hair grows well in a natural and loose state. If you keep your hair tied up, it will encourage growth, the hair will be pulled, the blood circulation will not be smooth, and hair loss may occur.

4. A balanced diet. The healthy growth of hair is closely related to diet. You can eat some foods that are conducive to hair growth, such as walnuts, black rice, peanuts, almonds, etc., to promote healthy hair growth.

5. Get enough sleep. Sufficient sleep and high quality of sleep can not only make the mental state full and strengthen the physical fitness, but also can nourish the hair and speed up the growth of the hair.

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