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Exercise is the most effective way to grow taller. Which exercises are most effective?

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To grow taller quickly in a short time actually requires scientific nurturing, adequate sleep, children sleep well, grow taller easily, and balanced nutrition, and then every day Appropriate exercise, such as playing basketball for an hour, skipping for half an hour, and running for half an hour, it should grow taller faster. play basketball. I saw with my own eyes that there was a colleague’s child in our unit. The boy was only about 1.4 meters tall when he was in junior high school, and his parents were not too tall. Whenever I saw it in the elevator, I felt that the child was much lower than the average peer. Since children started playing basketball, they have held a basketball and played on the court all day.

First of all, some people’s growth board is 25 It did not close in the future! But they thought they had no chance to grow taller, and they didn't continue to supplement nutrition and take a reasonable rest, so they lost an opportunity for bones to grow again. This exercise trains the abdominal muscles and the buttocks muscles at the same time. Lie on your stomach on the mat, with your elbows bent on the ground, your feet on the ground, your shoulders and elbows are perpendicular to the ground, your torso is straight, your abdomen and buttocks are tightened, your eyes are facing the ground, and you breathe evenly. Lift your leg up and stay at the highest point for 10 seconds.

Exercise can promote people’s metabolism, stretch the spine, correct some bad habits, and help people grow 1-2 cm taller. . Among the many Sports, the one that can help you grow taller is stretching. Through a series of Stretching exercises, the gap between the bones and the interosseous tissue can be opened. In this way, I reached 150 in just a few months. Some boys were taller than me. Now I am taller than him. Boys just grow slowly. Don't worry too much, girls develop fast, but girls immediately slow down in grades 7-9. Wish you grow taller and grow up healthily. Some men grow fast, some grow slowly.

A reasonable combination of diet is an important factor in determining height. Many people have the habit of skipping meals in the morning. This habit is wrong of. Skipping breakfast is very easy to affect Physical development, and even cause physical diseases such as gastritis.

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