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Exercise is the most effective way to grow taller. What exercise is the most effective?

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I believe everyone has seen such a message that exercise is the most effective way to grow taller. What exercise is the most effective? The fact is also true, exercise really helps to grow taller. The best forms of exercise for growing taller are brisk walking, jogging, swimming, skipping rope, playing basketball, and even touching various equipment. The growth of human body height has an objective law, 80% is closely related to heredity, and 20% is determined by environmental factors. But what we cannot deny is that exercise does help to grow taller, and it can promote better hormone secretion during exercise. The best forms of exercise include brisk walking, jogging, swimming, skipping rope, and playing basketball. Various forms of exercise can be taken, the key is to pay attention to science and pay attention to safety.

1. What kind of exercise helps to grow taller?

We all know that exercise helps to grow taller, so what kind of exercise can help grow taller? There are vertical jumps, the feet are naturally open, shoulder-width apart, the arms are opened and raised naturally, the forefoot is naturally pushed on the ground, and the waist and abdominal muscles should be fully utilized when the body is ascending, and the arms should be stretched in the air as much as possible . The second is Stretching exercises, fingers clasped, palms outwards, and the body naturally bends downwards until the palms reach the instep position, until you feel the muscles of the shoulders tense, change sides and repeat the same action. The third is that you can insist on skipping, do not choose leather shoes or hard shoes before skipping, and choose a skipping rope of moderate length and thickness. Do some hot exercises before skipping to avoid muscle strain.

Second, the benefits of exercise

In fact, exercise not only helps us grow taller, but also has many benefits. For example, he can lose weight, increase the body's metabolic rate through exercise, and burn more fat energy, which can effectively reduce fat. Maintain muscle content to achieve the goal of weight loss. The second point is that exercise can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Regular exercise can improve the insulin sensitivity of patients with diabetes, improve the cardiovascular health of patients with coronary heart disease, and can also stabilize blood pressure and blood lipids. The third point, exercise can strengthen the brain and improve memory.

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