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What kind of life do people with 12% body fat lead?

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People with 12% body fat really live a very different life from ordinary people! ! !

Although the body fat test process is simply a stop to the body fat tester, the difference in the results is indeed a completely different lifestyle of insisting on exercise and controlling Diet.

I see the comparison of body fat

First, let’s take a look at the most common body fat comparison chart .

As shown in the figure, it is true that 9-10% of men's body fat starts to have a clear outline, and the body shape is uneven. On the other hand, more than 20% are covered with fat. At the beginning of women's body fat below 20%, muscle contours can be clearly seen. (Observe the upper and lower pictures of the abdominal rectus abdominis and the internal oblique muscles clearly beginning to separate) Isn't it scary that the body fat rate is spicy? ! ! Body fat rate is so scary! ! !

The legendary Jordan with a body fat rate of 5%, we can also find all parts of the muscles Quite clear (deltoid muscles, calf muscles, arms), although not bulky.

The famous marathon runner Kipchoge

Oh my god Human muscles grow like this! !

Looking at the above great gods, low body fat can indeed make the body contour more obvious. The muscle lines are distinct.

Body fat percentage (fat content/total weight). As long as the fat content is low enough, the body fat percentage will be low, and the body will become bumpy. Low body fat with no muscle mass will also contour Obviously, it’s just that you will be smaller. (Girls’ favorite!)

Low body fat rate What we have to do is to reduce fat effectively, and then increase muscle mass!

Yes, the pursuit of body fat percentage should first be to reduce fat first.

Some people will ask, no, can’t I increase my muscles? also. But as far as the goal of fat loss is concerned, the answer is no. First of all, let me tell everyone that professional bodybuilders lose fat through a lot of Aerobics (by cycling or running 2-3 times a day), that is to say, like them Such a muscular behemoth also also has the problem of reducing fat and its method is through Aerobics. Because although muscle gain can indeed increase the energy consumption of the body, it is the best way to insist on doing more Aerobics to achieve the effect of reducing fat.Effective way.

How to get aerobic? What is the best cardio for you?

What is aerobic training?

First, aerobic exercise must have the following characteristics:

1: Whole body (body exercise, (Swimming, jogging, rowing, cycling)

2: Continuous and continuous, the time is generally 20-60 minutes (running for 2 minutes and rest 3 minutes does not count)

3: Intensity (medium intensity, the recommended target heart rate is about 50%-80%) The simplest measurement target heart rate = maximum heart rate (generally equal to 220-age) x intensity

The above is the description of aerobic in general textbooks. Regarding the above points, whether it is books or network, there are various extensions. No fat burning within 30 minutes, cross-intensity running, high-intensity intermittent In fact, for ordinary people who eat melon, I personally recommend that you know the details of these exercises. However, how to make aerobics truly efficient and ultimately change your body and even your living habits, I think the cultivation of interest is especially important.

Observing professional marathon runners and professionals, you will find that a lean body is basically the standard for each of them. For them, running all day and night will definitely lose weight, so the problem The key is how to make you run consciously and continuously. . . Establish interest, knowing that it will gradually become a paranoid hobby and fanatical pursuit. Find a way of sports that interests you most, join a marathon group, buy a bike and ride with local cyclists, build interest, and take it easy. Taking exercise as a hobby, and gradually increasing the amount of exercise with continuous understanding and deepening, and finally until the obsession, among all kinds of Weight loss friends, I personally think that is the happiest and most efficient one.

What is Bodybuilding? Can lifting weights reduce fat? Why should we lift the iron?

I believe you must have seen this kind of photos. Many people use photos of bodybuilders to promote health, promote Fitness, and even promote For all kinds of small movements and functions, I personally think that if the knowledge is shallow, it is good, if not, it is very suspicious of flickering.

First of all, to have the above body, it must be a semi-professional or professional bodybuilder. In order to achieve the above body, it needs to have a great interest in Fitness (generally it takes at least 1 year to go to the Gym to lift iron normally) and then You may find that you are more talented than others, or have a demon, and start semi-professional training (super-intensity training, more than 3 kinds of supplements, diet and rest various control). This kind of life is incredible if you are not a fan. Finally, in order to prepare for the game, you need to reduce fat crazy, and the diet is more demanding (completely boiled, when you start to study the chicken breast into a liquid to drink, you should not be far from a healthy body, but if you still think that you can control the carbon water, go for a Take a photo at the hourly gym, then you may still have a long distance to walk)

All of the above, what I want to say is that although the life and photos of bodybuilders are used to stimulate the masses, it has become the current fitness circle Habits, but in fact, the facts may be far apart. Whether lifting iron or running, these exercises are actually for normal people. Many times they just want to get closer to health through more exercise. Therefore, it is especially important to choose a sport that you are really interested in. , The motivation brought by interest is the most effective shortcut for customer service difficulties to bring down a good body and a good body (even if you read 100 running papers, but you don’t like running at all, I must not come as fast as the African Marathon guy who has been rushing forward) .

In the end, the charm of fitness and weightlifting is for me to constantly break through myself and the self-disciplined lifestyle habits he brought me, but for 90% of the people who eat melons and all the bodybuilders I have contact with Dana's general advice to novices is just one word "do", work hard and keep "doing".

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