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How can we get rid of obesity? Adhere to 2 methods to make your body thinner

2021-07-09 09:23 627 How can I make myself thin

Method 1. How to manage your Diet?

Normally, a person’s daily calorie consumption is between 1800-2200 calories, and we don’t want to get fat. It is necessary to control the daily calorie intake not to exceed this value. If we want to lose weight slowly, our caloric intake needs to be lower than this value by about 20% in order to create a certain calorie gap for the body and promote the decrease of body fat rate.

We must stay away from all kinds of processed foods, such as cakes, chocolates, bread, fried chicken, biscuits, pizza and other foods, eat more natural vegetables that are less processed, keep cooking with low oil and salt, and keep 80% full Condition, eating three meals regularly, can effectively control calorie intake.

Method 2. How to exercise scientifically?

If we want to increase the fat burning speed, we also need to strengthen the Amount of exercise and increase our own activity consumption. Long-term adherence to exercise can strengthen the body, promote cell regeneration, and effectively resist the speed of body aging.

People without exercise foundation can start with running, brisk walking, Aerobics, etc., while those with certain exercise ability can gradually increase the Exercise intensity to avoid the body gradually adapting to the mode of exercise. Maintain an exercise frequency of 4-6 times a week, and each exercise time should not be less than half an hour.

People who are over 28 years old need to add strength training to resist muscle loss while losing weight. People enter a state of aging. It will start to lose weight. At this time, the body's metabolic level will be much lower than before. Doing more strength training can increase muscle mass, maintain a vigorous body metabolism, and help you increase your fat burning and shaping speed. Fat obsessed.

We can do a set of self-weight training or weight-bearing training every other day. We can start with compound movements such as squats, push-ups, pull-ups, bench press, rowing, press, etc. to exercise the major muscle groups of the body. Improve your own body line sense.

2 methods persist for more than 3 months, I believe your body will become thinner and your physique will become better.

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