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[Wu Xunshi Elementary School · Home-School Co-education] Children study at home, you need to play this role as a parent

2021-06-19 18:17 821 How to be a good parent

What is unavoidable is that the parents of home study will bear greater responsibility. Children's learning consciousness mainly depends on the parents to mobilize, especially for younger children. In the ongoing online teaching, parents should on the one hand enhance the guidance of the students’ mental health in home learning, and even enable assistive software technology to prevent their children from being addicted to the Internet; on the other hand, they don’t need to stare at all times. For children to learn, you can guide your children to make a home study plan, focus on stimulating children's interest, and cultivate children's conscious, active, and independent learning habits. It’s also important that parents lead by example at home. Parents love to read books, children naturally love to read books.

Wang Weidong Professor: During the stay at home, parents are the main body of children’s Education

During primary school students' home-based online self-learning, parents seldom contact their teachers to discuss their children's learning problems. In your opinion, during the online self-learning period of primary school students at home, how should parents cooperate with the school to ensure that their children not only obtain good learning results, but also obtain comprehensive quality development as they do during school?

Wang Weidong, professor of the School of education, Guangzhou University:

Home-school cooperation has always been an important issue in the education field. Although researchers have put forward many strategies to improve the effectiveness of home-school cooperation, their practical effects are still unsatisfactory. One of the important problems is that parents are not motivated to actively participate in and cooperate with school education. This is a problem in this fight against the epidemic. The extraordinary period is once again reflected. Our survey found that less than 20% of parents (19.27%) who can contact the school teacher to consult their children’s learning problems during this stage of their children’s home study. There are many reasons for this problem. Among them, parents don’t recognize their role as “educators” enough, parents work too long and have no time to take care of their children’s learning, and parents’ understanding of the relationship between their children’s own responsibilities and school responsibilities in the process of their children’s growth. Deviations (for example, a few parents think that "students should be in school or classroom") are all related.

Effective cooperation between home and school, closeThe key is to raise parents’ awareness and clarify their educational responsibilities. Parents should realize that: the all-round development of children requires family Education, Social education and school education to play a role in order to produce synergy. In May 2019, nine departments including the All-China Women's Federation and the Ministry of Education issued the National Guidelines for Family Education (Revised), which clarified the principle of "parental subjectivity" in family education. Therefore Parents must be clear that their responsibility is not only to send their children to school, but to educate their children throughout their growth process. Parents are the main body in educating their children during their stay at home. In ancient my country, "education" was interpreted as "adopting children to be good", which shows that my country's cultural tradition has always defined the role of parents in terms of "birth and nurturing" and "education". Being busy with work, a lot of work, and no time can not be reasons why parents are not responsible for educating their children.

Through this survey, we are also very pleased to see that more than 40% of parents “learn more about the hardships of school teachers in educating their children” by participating in primary school students’ home learning. Further understand the importance of cooperating with the school to do a good job in children's education". A parent said in a message: “It’s really not easy to teach children to develop good learning habits and to complete learning tasks consciously and autonomously. So I can better understand how much patience and energy a teacher needs to deal with so many children. , As a teacher is really hard!” Although the road to home-school cooperation is still very long and its wonderful prospects are still far away, we sincerely hope that these experiences and understandings of parents are the beginning of a new hopeful road for home-school cooperation.

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