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What is the experience of getting fat?

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□I often feel dry mouth and tongue

The above are the physiological characteristics of people who are prone to obesity. If more than 3 items are met, they generally belong to the category of obesity. The more the characteristics are More, it means that there are more obesity factors in the body.

Why is it you who has a "fat constitution"?

Many friends believe that a person's physique is inherently easy to get fat or easy to lose weight, which is a genetic problem, so they start to abandon themselves and blame others. However, the truth of the goose is that the physiological reasons are certainly a very important aspect, and your bad living habits (especially eating habits) cannot be ignored.

[Personal physiological reasons]

1/Low Basal metabolic rate

The basal metabolic rate, in simple terms, is the energy consumed by the activities of all organs in the body to maintain life. In other words, the energy consumed by the activities of the body's cells does not dry up a day.

Basal metabolism is the biggest source of calories you consume every day. Every day we are exhausted and tired of exercise, the maximum consumption is only a few hundred kcal, which only accounts for about 15% of the daily metabolic rate, and the energy consumed by basal metabolism is in kilocalories. To lose weight, basal metabolism is the thigh you should hold most.

Generally speaking, the basal metabolic rate of men is higher than that of women on average. The older the age, the lower the basal metabolic rate. Therefore, many people do not get fat by eating when they are young, and people gain weight by drinking saliva after middle age. This is caused by the slowdown of basal metabolism.

So, what causes the decrease in basal metabolic rate? There are four main factors.

Reason 1: Excessive Dieting

It is necessary to control calorie intake during Weight loss, but if it is not controlled properly, diet is excessive, and calorie intake is chronically lower than basic Metabolism needs, then the body will activate the defense mechanism to reduce the basal metabolic rate, and once this fixed point is lowered, it will be more difficult to return to the original basal metabolic rate. It is precisely because of this that many people rebound more severely after dieting to lose weight.

Reason 2: Loss of muscle mass

Some people only do a lot of aerobic exercise during weight loss, do not supplement strength training, and control diet and lack of nutrition, they are likely to lose muscle . Every kilogram of muscle loss means that your daily basic calorie metabolism will be reduced by 75 to 100 calories. This number is 10 times the calorie consumption of 1 kilogram of fat.

Some girls worry that muscles will become thicker, so they desperately lose muscles, but they do not know that the muscle mass decreases and the basal metabolic rate also drops significantly, and weight loss is affected.In fact, it is very difficult for girls to develop strong muscles, and there is no need to worry about normal strength training.

Reason 3: getting older

As we age, all functions of human organs will gradually Decline, the basal metabolic rate will also decline, and after the age of 30, if a person does not exercise continuously, the muscles will gradually disappear. In this case, the basal metabolic rate will drop by 5%~10% every three to five years. .

Therefore, people who are over 30 years old will easily grow belly. The older you are, the more difficult it is to lose weight. Maintaining exercise is the right answer to keep yourself slim and young forever.

Reason 4: Insufficient Sleep

Why should people who are losing weight always emphasize that a good night’s sleep is important? Because if you lack sleep, the basal metabolic rate will also decrease. When a person sleeps, the body secretes a hormone called "Leptin", which has the effect of suppressing appetite and increasing calorie consumption. If you lack sleep for a long time, or reverse day and night, the effect of leptin will be greatly reduced.

2/Abnormal hormonal secretion

There are two main hormones that affect the body’s fat and thin. Adrenaline and thyroxine are hormones that govern metabolism. , Which is the thin hormone. The only hormone that makes people obese is insulin.

Some people secrete high levels of insulin (fat hormone) and low levels of adrenaline and thyroxine (lean hormone). They always have a good appetite, and their body also prefers to store fat. Of course, they are more likely to gain weight.

[Reasons for lifestyle]

For most people, you are not a "Fat physique" who gains weight by drinking saliva, you are eating fried chicken chocolate cheese pudding milk tea cola, and forgot in a blink of an eye, thinking that you only drank water "forgetfulness" constitution".

The life habits of people with "fat-fat constitution" are often like this:

1/ Often eat out, like gatherings

2/ Do not eat three meals a day Regular and often eat supper

3/Unbalanced nutritional intake, picky eaters

4/I like to eat a variety of snacks and desserts

5/ Love drinks, alcohol Waiting for drinks

6/Has the habit of staying up all night, lack of sleep

7/Being able to lie down and never move

So gaining weight is not the beginning of "easy "Fatty physique", but bad living habits lead to the formation of fat physique.

How to improve the "fat-fat constitution"

Any attempt to rely on hunger strikes, fasting, or abnormal diets, and expect to see great changes in the body in a short period of time, may cause harm to the body. To improve the physique of obesity, you must do the following!

1. Go to bed early and get up early

Studies have shown that important hormones in the brain that control our appetite and participate in fat metabolism can only be secreted in large quantities in the middle of the night .

Staying up late will not only harm organ health, but also cause fat accumulation due to insufficient hormone secretion.

The best schedule is to go to bed early, get up early, and eat regularly. Make sure to go to bed at 11 o'clock every day at the latest, so as not to disturb the balance of endocrine and maintain the normal metabolism of calories.

2. Eat well early, have a full lunch, and eat less late

Eat well in the morning: Don’t think you won’t get fat if you don’t eat anything. People who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to get fat! Because the body has been consuming energy for several hours, and your body is hungry at this time. Without breakfast as a reserve of energy, we would eat more food unknowingly. Eat full at noon and eat less dinner: After you have eaten enough at noon, it is easy to eat less dinner.

Dinner should not only eat less, but also pay attention to the edible items. Meat, sweets, and fried foods should be avoided as much as possible. It is most suitable to solve the dinner with lightness. Don't eat and drink less water 4-5 hours before going to bed. But some MMs say that not eating at night will affect their sleep. When it comes time to eat, let’s eat apples. Apple contains a lot of water and vitamin C, which can relieve constipation. At the same time, this low-calorie food can satisfy your hunger and quickly expel waste from your body.

3. Eat slowly.

Eating speed can also make you lose weight? This is the powerful effect of the small coup for weight loss in life. Why can you lose weight if you eat slowly? When eating slowly, saliva and gastric juice are much better at digesting food. In the process of chewing slowly, you may find that you are full. There are some ways to do this Conducive to reducing food intake. When we are full, the appetite center of the brain will send a signal to stop eating, but after a certain period of time, when this signal arrives, you may have overeated, so eating slowly will stop the growth of fat. That’s why it’s best to eat 80% full.

4. Don’t blindly diet

Eating less does not mean that you consume less. The consequences of blind dieting will only reduce the calories consumed by the body. , In order to protect the normal operation of the body. You may lose weight at the beginning of a diet, but it is not fat that is lost, but important muscles and water. Second, choose foods with a strong sense of fullness. Foods with different calories give people a "satisfaction" that is very different. Therefore, more satiety food on the table can reduce the intake of some calories.

5. Eat less and more meals

Reduce food intake per meal , Can reduce the blood insulin content and accelerate the burning of fatty acids. In addition, eating small and frequent meals can reduce the possibility of overeating, and the weight loss effect will naturally increase. Whether it is for healthy people or special populations such as pregnant women, we all advocate eating less and more meals, because eating less and more meals has many benefits, especially for weight loss. If one meal is over-eaten, it is easy to gain weight even though the total amount of food in a day is not much. Therefore, if you want to lose weight easily, it is important to eat fewer meals.

6. Do not eat sweets

Doing not eat sweets is also a way to lose weight. Because protein does not make people fat, sugars will make people fat. Sugars are easily decomposed or absorbed in the body and are the main source of body heat. Most foods contain sugar, and those sugars have already guaranteed your body's needs. Excessive consumption of sweets can induce the pancreas to release a large amount of insulin and promote the conversion of glucose into fat. Most fat people have a habit of eating sweets. So, if you want to lose weight, try not to eat sweets. (It is best for middle school students not to quit sweets, because eating sweets in moderation can enhance memory).

7. The taste is lighter

The more salty you eat The more, the more I want to eat. Especially those processed foods with sauces, because they are rich in sugar, salt and flour, will increase calorie intake. Spicy and stimulating products. Excessive salt is not only bad for weight loss, but also harmful to health. This habit is not recommended in the diet. Especially for people who lose weight, we must pay attention to light taste. Food that is too salty, too sweet or too spicy Increase calorie intake, which leads to a fat body.

8. Exercise after dinner

MMs are generally obese in the legs, abdomen and legs, why this accumulation of obesity What? That's because you sit and do not exercise for a long time, and you can't consume the extra calories. This type of MM who is prone to obesity must exercise more. After dinner, we must exercise properly. We can walk briskly for more than half an hour, but be careful not to engage in high-intensity training.

9. Choose light fasting 1 day a week, and normal diet for the remaining 6 days.

Studies have shown that proper fasting can not only help lose weight, but also It can detox and make people healthier. However, excessive fasting can cause malnutrition. Therefore, we recommend a light fasting method to lose weight. This rhythmic fasting therapy is most suitable for three "high" patients and female friends who are habitually losing weight. During the 7-day cycle, choose the most suitable day for light fasting, and maintain a normal eating rhythm for the remaining 6 days, which can form a good habit of regular detoxification without putting too much pressure on the body and mind. However, it should be noted that women in adolescence, breastfeeding, pregnancy and severe hypoglycemia are not suitable for this type of fat loss physique to lose weight.

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