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Think that losing weight is over? Do you know how to not rebound?

2021-06-10 18:10 585 How to lose weight fast without rebounding lean fat

The human body is a very sophisticated and complicated instrument. So far we have very limited understanding of the body, but there is no doubt that this machine must be inclined to maintain its own stability for continuous operation. This kind of stability also includes the relative stability of weight and body shape. It is like a spring. You can pull it hard to straighten it, but when you let it go, it bounces back. How can the spring be straightened? The pulling time is long enough to make the spring feel like a wire. If it decreases too fast, it may indicate that the body may have some malignant diseases, or it may be unhealthy.

02. Diet to lose weight

Use starvation therapy to reduce weight by eating less, and what is often lost is Water and protein do not burn fat well. The less you eat, the slower your body’s metabolism will be , because the body thinks you You don't need so much energy anymore, and naturally you don't "work". So Dieting to lose weight is to reduce your own metabolism.

At the same time, it will lead to insufficient nutrient intake in the body. If the lipase composed of these nutrients is not enough, the body’s ability to metabolize fat will decrease, and it will be prone to fatigue and decreased resistance. It is not easy to stick to it for a long time. Once the normal diet is restored, it will often cause rapid weight recovery. , enter the vicious circle of losing weight every year.

03. Simply Exercise to lose weight

It is possible to lose weight by exercise. Some people exercise crazy in the gym for a few months , By increasing the energy consumption of the body, so as to achieve the effect of reducing fat.

But once you relax a little later, If the amount of exercise is not kept up, the weight will rebound, the muscles trained hard will be converted into fat and hang on the body. This is also the reason why many national athletes who have retired, one by one, escape the curse of blessing.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight without rebounding, a Healthy way of losing weight is very important. Zhimeile always adheres to a healthy "physical management + nutrition management + work and rest management", the trinity is step by step to help everyone lose weight healthily.

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