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How to reply to ambiguous messages from boyfriend brothers?

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1. Refuse directly, let me tell you that women are the most difficult in this regard. I am a man, but I understand this very well.

You must refuse him, and you must not agree (provided that you like your boyfriend). But don't tell your boyfriend. If you say it, their brother will definitely be against the purpose. Now it is your boyfriend who likes you very much, so he will be against his brother. After being with you for a long time, he will think again: "Is it worth arguing with your brother for the sake of a woman?" Then he will fight with you or something, and you will pretend that you don’t know anything, and he will send you a text message. Just pretend you can’t see, and don’t over-contact him.

After all, there is no impermeable wall in the world. If you touch a little bit of your boyfriend, you will be jealous. He will send it to you. Then delete it. For us men, brothers can last a lifetime, what about women? Ha ha!

We are still young, and a lifetime is too far away for us. Of course, when we are older, we must find a lifetime, but you can’t be sure that the lifetime woman is you at the moment?

2. Online refusal is useless, you can communicate directly with him

If you say you don’t always harass me, you can tell him that if you are harassing me, I will Tell me things like her boyfriend. If he treats your boyfriend as a brother, he won’t be harassing you. After all, all our loyalists know a friend’s wife, don’t bully! Friends are like this, let alone brothers?

Don't tell your boyfriend first, it will hurt their brotherhood. It is better to solve it by yourself first. Tell your boyfriend's friends that you only like your boyfriend and don't mean anything to him. Let him give up. And I don’t want to receive this kind of information anymore. Tell him that you don’t want to hurt the relationship between him and your boyfriend because of this, saying that you have always regarded him as a friend, so this time nothing happened. When you receive it, you will be told about your boyfriend. In most cases, he will be very interesting.

3. It’s really impossible to tell your boyfriend directly

You should make it clear to his buddies first that if you want to reap the perfect love, if you want to reap the true happiness, both of you should each other Sincerity is! First of all, you should have a break with his buddies earlier, or it will take a long time, it will not be good for anyone, if there is any misunderstanding, it will be even more difficult to deal with! Anyway, you must cherish your lover!

This kind of man is not authentic, you should tell your boyfriend if you can’t solve this problem well. , Befriend this kind of person, and sooner or later you will be betrayed by him. You should not be immersed in this unhealthy ambiguity. This will only harm you and your boyfriend.

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