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What should I do if the father and the child are a little apart? If you want to be a good father, you only need to do these things

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Original title: What should I do if the father and the child are a little apart? If You want to be a good father, you only need to do these things.


My husband travels a lot, and finally I can stay at home for a weekend, and my son has to go to the specialty. Class, two people have little chance to get along. One night, my son asked me why my father always didn't go home. Before I had time to explain, my son started talking to himself, probably saying that he missed his father a little and was a little scared of him. I asked him why he was afraid of Dad. He said that Dad often does not go home, so he will only let him do his homework when he comes home. I suddenly realized that my husband was away on business for a long time, which directly caused some distance between my son and him.

Later, my husband and I worked out a simple and feasible plan, and successfully repaired the image of my husband in my son's heart. After two months of implementation, my son is now more dependent on her husband.

Feasible plan one: eat with me

Because I have been doing it at home for a long time Meal, simply accompanied by eating is not new, so I decided to let my husband cook when my son was at home. When my son saw her husband cooking in the kitchen for the first time, I could see the surprise in his eyes. Although the taste of the fried dishes is not very good, it can be seen that the son does not dislike her husband's cooking skills, and the process of eating is more active than usual.

In fact, when a child sees his father cooking at home, he will have a strange feeling for his father. The father who puts on the apron and picks up the pot will make the child feel more at home. Compared with the previous suits and leather shoes, such father is more kind and easier for the child to get close to.

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Possible solution 2: Play with me

I will take my son I took out the toys I like and prepared to let my husband take his son to play with him. How do you know that the son is more familiar with toys than his husband, and when playing with toys, the son takes her husband to play with. Although my husband gets a little backache every time he gets up after playing crazy with his son, he still insists on playing with him in order to improve the relationship with his son.

In fact, in the process of playing with the child, you can communicate with your child. The child hears the dad’s gentle language and is willing to interact with the father. The father can also reap the heart of the child, so it is essential to play with the child.

Feasible plan 3: Sleep with me

My husband is very interested in Chinese history. According to research, every night before going to bed, I tell my children about historical figures. When I talk about things I’m interested in, I will stop slowly. If I tell my son that I will talk about it the next day, the son will be unwilling. If he wants to hear the story, he will let him Husband sleeps in his room at night.

This trick is the most useful. By telling a story, sleeping with the child will make the child depend on the father and deepenThe relationship between the child and the father.

How to be a good father in the eyes of a child? The most important thing is to spend time with you.


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